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We are a well established Auto Part Remanufacture  Company.


We've been in business since 1996.


Our company consist of selling auto parts at a reasonable price, we have most parts already in stock for your convenience, if you need the same part rebuild it will take two hours for most cars.


We also service parts for; Marine, Forklift, Motors, AC Motors, Tractors, Tow Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks, Foreign & Domestic Cars & Trucks.



We currently have two locations in the City of Santa Ana and Orange.


Our shop in Santa Ana is where all the remanufacturing takes place and we also have parts in stock ready to ship out.


Technicians are also available in the shop of Santa Ana for any installations you may need.


Our Warehouse in the City of Orange you will find all the parts you need from brakes to steering gears.





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